Higher Ground International centers on the cultural identities of those we serve.

Many refugees are forced to leave their homes due to war and violence. With no other choices, refugees are displaced and moved to other countries without knowing the language, the culture, or how to build a future.

To honor those cultural identities and to support the difficult transition that many refugees face, HGI offers a variety of cultural services, including culturally-centered community events, music, dance, stories; Culturally Appropriate non-perishable and staple food items and, in partnership with Meals on Wheels Rhode Island, a weekly Cultural Food Cafe.

The goal of our Cultural Services program is to celebrate the cultural diversity of a community, create safe and intergenerational spaces, and to promote the integration of cultures in our community.

To learn more about our Cultural Services, click HERE to get in touch.

You can restore DIGNITY. You can EMPOWER lives. You can help to keep PEACE.

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    Higher Ground International is a forward-thinking and culturally grounded social impact nonprofit organization. We are dedicated to advocating for, empowering, and providing life-changing services to Liberians and West African immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized communities. We seek to restore dignity, empower lives, and keep peace through work that centers and celebrates the cultural heritage and unique individuality of those we serve.


    Higher Ground International was founded in 2008 by Henrietta White-Holder, a native of Liberia, to help support the vast needs of refugee arrivals who had experienced the traumas of civil war. Click Here to learn more about our History.


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